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Wide acreage in the High Desert Land (7500 ft) of Northern New Mexico for we, (mainly) women of a certain age, to rest or settle for a bit, should we ever need or want to. 

At first glance, but for the ubiquitous sage, the acreage looks barren. But I sat on this beautiful corner of the world in my RV (Ginger) for several of these past seasons to watch nature dance by in all its floral and faunal forms to plan out places to live, places to conserve, to sink a well, to permaculture, to camp, to commune. Opportunity abounds.

Does it sound fantastic, or … or …? Well, maybe it is. It’s no doubt a tremendous amount of work.

If you’re in the area this summer, and you’re looking for a place to park yourself for a moment or two, maybe lend an experienced hand, I’d love to meet around our campfire and share ideas about what this place could be.

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Reach out to us with any queries or to reserve your spot amidst the starry skies and harmonious birdsong. At High Coyote Hill, your journey toward nature's wonders begins with a simple message. Don't hesitate; contact us today!