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Tent Space

At High Coyote Hill in Cerro, we offer you the most unique camping experience you can ever imagine. Our camping space is designed for …
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If you're planning a camping adventure in Northern New Mexico, High Coyote Hill's Camper Parking in Cerro is just what you need! At the …
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Important Things to Know

Before You Come

High Altitude

Though in the “flat-lands” between the Sangre de Cristos and the Rio Grande River Gorge, we are at altitude -- almost a mile and a half above sea level. This affects some people more than others. The air is generally very dry. That means we get to see the stars.

Dirt Roads

The 2 miles into the land are dirt (no stones) --- perfect driving for any vehicle the 80% of sunny days we have, but a 4wheel drive necessity in the rain and melting snow. We can’t always predict that. And because there are no stones, we need to bring them in for building.


The well has yet to be sunk, (crossing fingers for this summer) so I’m hauling water in right now.


Whether or not we're able to sink a well this summer, catching the water that does fall for reuse several times, is a priority.


Urgent Care, Library and small grocery stores and gas station are all within 5-8 miles, so we’re not so far off from reality. 


There are ancient coyote families, a fierce legion of mice and the occasional rattle snake. Dust on a windy day could be considered another form of wildlife, the fierce summer sun another.