Our Scene

A safe, comfortable, off-grid, permaculture environment for road-dwelling women to share community-building knowledge. Or, simply, to rest.

This is What We Have

Wide acreage in the High Desert Land (7500 ft) of Northern New Mexico for we, (mainly) women of a certain age, to rest or settle for a bit, should we ever need or want to. 

At first glance, but for the ubiquitous sage, the acreage looks barren. But I sat on this beautiful corner of the world in my RV (Ginger) for ...

Our Dream

A place where the living some of us must make out of necessity will foster a return to ourselves and to a greater community.

A place where the myriad skills we’ve collected over lifetimes can be utilized with minimal effort, and to maximum benefit.

A grassroots economy where goods and work as well as cash can be ...

Infrastructure Plan

The Needs of Summer 2023

  • Vermiculture [web] and bio-gas toilets [web] built
  • Campsites flattened
  • Fire-rings built
  • Shade and wind-block planted [webs]and constructed 
  • Roads and paths managed
  • A communal tent-kitchen with a fire pit
  • An horno (an outdoor mud oven [pic]) 
  • A place to put up a screen to watch movies
  • More solar electricity
  • Jensen mini backhoe

The Bigger Picture

Though I am doing and/or learning about everything I am or want to focalize here in this space, I am in need of other’s expertise in all of these areas:

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Toilets – As a first order, our own biproducts needs to be dealt with, and many people evacuating in the wild here would kill off much of the delicate desert growth. Luckily, we also need to create good soil to grow food in. Urine can be reused in garden environments for its nitrogen value under trees, around non edibles, and in the early creation of compost). I have begun my own shit management with worms – vermiculture. They eat anything and leave behind nutritious goodness. I’ll continue with that, but I’m also quite interested in bio-gas setups for cooking to relieve our dependance on propane.

Earthworm Composting

Home BioGas

Plumbing -- I know that I want the well dug on top of the hill so we can use gravity. We need a dowser. I also want to utilize the trenches for geothermal heating. I’m learning, but there's so much.

· I'm open to ideas for outdoor showers and baths

Permaculture … planting the water -- Even with a well coming in, there is SO MUCH stormwater that can be collected on this land before it rushes off into the Rio Grande, I want to use it for permaculture planting in the arroyos (washes). I’m not a great gardener, but I see where great gardens can be cultivated in small strips and patches by keeping that water in different places on the land.

· Permaculture at high altitude

· A central kitchen within a greenhouse

Desert Gardening

High Desert Permaculture and Natural Building

Permaculture Ideas

Solar Power -- I’ve got two solar panels and an inverter, but I'm terrible at understanding electricity. I need help, an explanation, a hand to hold and guidance. The well will be on solar and wind, and I’d like some shaded, picnic areas wired up for solar electricity (example), not to mention my small home, out-buildings and public spaces.

· Batteries

· Panels

· Kits


Weed control – at present, fields of Russian thistle border these 40 acres. Once new wheels with seedy hitch-hikers come up onto the acreage, unwanted plants will become an issue directly involved with the greening of the land, the permaculture and food forestation.

Adobe -- I am an adobe builder. The dirt on the land is magnificent for adobe bricks or slump. I’m also very interested in super-adobe and even ultra-adobe for building organically into and with the land. The plans I’m leaning into for my personal space will utilize something of the earthship ideology.

· Green Building techniques in the high desert

· Adobe, super, ultra, and I’m fascinated with the look and feel of rammed earth

I have ideas on what I want to build as my own space, as public spaces – a kitchen, a retreat space, bath-house , mainly organic spaces that blend in with the environment. I am not an architect, but I can and have built with adobe.


There will be Chickens

Close to Northern NM Food and Fun

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

9 miles

Questa Artists and Farmers Markets

7 miles

My Tia's Cafe

3 miles

Red River Ski and Summer Area

19 miles

Wildcat"s Den

7 miles

Taos Pueblo

32 miles

Taos Ski Valley

35 miles

Frank's Eats n Sweets

8 miles


  • Stargazing
  • Parking available
  • Debit & Credit Cards accepted
  • Connection to Nature
  • Affordable Camping
  • Silence
  • 24/7 availability

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